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Neck pain is a common condition, but one for which far too many men and women delay seeking treatment. There’s no need to live with neck pain when there are so many effective pain management and treatment options available. At I-SPINE, Dr. Reginald J. Newsome offers individualized care for neck pain and can help you find lasting relief. Online scheduling is available, and there are office locations in both Keller and Houston, Texas.

Neck Pain Q & A

What are some common causes of neck pain?

There are numerous causes of neck pain, some of which are due to traumatic injury, and others that arise from strain or nerve compression. The most common types of neck pain include:

  • Cervical radiculopathy: This type of pain results from irritation of the nerves in your cervical spine. You have eight cervical nerve roots in your neck. When these nerves are compressed or inflamed, pain usually occurs.
  • Herniated disc: Your neck has six cervical discs that rest between your vertebrae to provide shock absorption and cushioning. They are made of a soft, gel-like interior surrounded by a shell of tough collagen fibers. When the inner core of a disc leaks and pressures nearby nerves, herniation occurs.
  • Facet syndrome: Each joint in your neck has two small facet joints behind the cervical disc. Facet joints are nearly always in motion, and are subject to damage or wear and tear. Inflammation in this area can be very painful and is a condition known as facet joint syndrome.

How is neck pain treated?

Medications can assist with neck pain, but bring a risk of severe side effects. Surgery is also an effective option for some conditions, but many types of neck pain are treatable with minimally invasive options.

Interventional injections are a great treatment approach for neck pain. Some injections introduce anti-inflammatory medications or steroids to ease pain, while others work by impeding the transmission of pain signals from your cervical nerves to your brain.

Some interventional injections offered at I-SPINE include:

  • Facet joint injections
  • Medial branch blocks
  • Interlaminar epidural injections
  • Nerve root blocks
  • Transforaminal epidural injections
  • Peripheral nerve blocks

Some interventional injections provide lasting pain relief, while others are used for short-term pain management while additional treatment efforts are underway.

How can physical therapy help with neck pain?

Physical therapy is an excellent option for treating neck pain. Not only are physical therapy techniques non-invasive, but they also teach you self-care techniques that you can apply at home once your sessions are complete.

During physical therapy, you’ll learn special stretches and exercises that work to tone and strengthen the muscles that support proper neck function. Aerobic conditioning may also play a role in your therapy, improving blood flow to your neck and speeding your natural healing function.

Learning and practicing these techniques under professional guidance ensures that you gain the skill needed to continue your physical therapy efforts at home. That makes all the difference in your ability to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility.

If you are ready to begin a treatment path for your neck pain, contact I-SPINE today to schedule an initial consultation.